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Eyebrow laser hair removal

Laser beauty centre "IconStyle" offers a service to remove unwanted facial hair, specifically on the area between your eyebrows. The hairline in this area is corrected according to an individual client wish .

Why eyebrow laser hair removal?

Beautiful eyebrows add expression to the face. Neatly shaped eyebrows make the eyes brighter while messy eyebrows can make the face look grim and even aggressive. Laser hair removal aims not only to give them the desired shape but also to get rid of such cosmetic defects as uneven hair growth or excess hair above the eyes or at the nose bridge .

Plucking excess hairs with tweezers is very painful. Not all women are willing to endure discomfort. Besides, the hair grow back quickly, and you have to constantly repeat the procedure in order to maintain the desired look. The modern beauty salon "IconStyle" offers a solution to this problem.
Nose laser hair removal
Nose laser hair removal is a procedure that allows you to get rid of the problem of unwanted hair by damaging the follicle. The nose is one of the most visible parts of the face, so it is very important to keep it well-groomed . Upon the discovery of undesired nasal hair, many men and women try to solve this problem on their own, but such traditional methods as cutting with scissors or plucking with tweezers give only a temporary effect and may cause ingrown hair and even infection. In our beauty salon "IconStyle", we offer more effective methods that ensure long-term results, the best of which is considered to be laser nasal hair removal.

Upper Lip Hair Removal
Are you a woman and have to remove upper lip hair? Painless laser facial hair removal at our beauty salon "IconStyle" will solve your problem! There is no need to be shy about your facial hair or rely on inconvenient and temporary hair removal methods any longer. Get your confidence back with laser facial hair removal and upper lip hair removal for women. "IconStyle" offers women safe, effective and long-lasting facial hair removal performed by laser therapy .

Our upper lip laser hair removal service allows you to completely get rid of unwanted hair.

The advantages of laser upper lip hair removal are as follows:

• Safe application . The laser beam does not injure the skin and does not leave marks on it;

• Quick procedure. One session takes no more than 20 minutes;

• Absence of pain during the procedure;

• The long-lasting result;

• No allergic reaction.

Laser chin hair removal
Facial hair can be a serious threat to your appearance, but there are effective solutions to this problem – laser therapy allows you to get rid of excess hair that is not desirable by any woman.

During the session at our "IconStyle" beauty salon , laser chin hair removal can be performed within 15 minutes. You will get the results after the first session ! This procedure can help you get rid of unwanted chin hair for at least several years.

Benefits of laser hair removal for chin

• After several sessions, the hair completely disappears and no longer causes discomfort;

• Speed of the procedure: one session lasts no more than 10 minutes;

• Safety and hypoallergenic;

• Minimum pain;

• No ingrown hairs.

Facial hair and hair wisps removal
Facial hair causes discomfort, it does not look aesthetically pleasing and may cause the drop in self-confidence .

Often traditional methods are used to remove facial hair, but they have many disadvantages and no permanent result. Shaving is often accompanied by cuts and irritation. Waxing, sugaring and tweezing are all painful procedures with temporary results and undesired consequences such as skin damage and ingrown hairs.

An effective method for eliminating facial hair is laser facial hair removal. Based on the extremely positive experience, we can confidently say that at our beauty salon "IconStyle" , the result of laser hair removal is incomparable.

Our laser facial hair and hair wisps removal are:

• Safe;

• Effective;

• Comfortable;

• Advantageous procedures.

Full face laser hair removal
Laser facial hair removal allows you to get rid of facial hair quickly, effectively, painlessly and safely.

Full face laser therapy at our beauty salon "IconStyle" not only allows removing hair in undesired places but also helps the skin become perfectly smooth.

Why full face laser hair removal?

The skin on the face is delicate and sensitive, therefore removing hair mechanically by shaving, waxing or tweezing face hair provokes pain, irritation and damage to the skin, without giving long-term results. Whereas full face laser hair removal at our beauty salon "IconStyle" guarantees permanent hair removal.

Laser therapy has many advantages, namely:

• the procedure is plainless;

• the procedure is simple and short;

• guaranteed positive result after completing the course of treatments;

• absence of of such unpleasant consequences as irritation, redness, etc.

Neck laser hair removal
Hair growing on the neck creates psychological discomfort for many women. Removing neck hair means getting rid of insecurity and complexes, gaining self-confidence, and increasing self-esteem.

The best way to remove neck hair is laser them off. It solves the problem forever without pain, complications, and relapses. The procedure is suitable for women of any age.

In our beauty salon "IconStyle", we offer an improved way of laser neck hair removal.

Among the main advantages of this procedure are the following:

• high efficiency even with thick hair;

• permanent effect;

• safety;

• painlessness;

• only a small number of sessions needed;

• hypoallergenic formula.

Bikini laser hair removal
Fighting excess body hair is one of the most common procedures that women actively perform. Clean, smooth skin without irritation achieved by the procedure that is not causing skin damage, spots or burns – all what a modern woman needs to feel confidence about her body.

The bikini area requires maintenance not only during the beach season. The skin in the bikini area is especially delicate and sensitive. It is like beautiful lingerie – only a special one can see it on you, but the feeling of comfort and confidence that makes the gait smooth, and the look – playfully confident. If you want to get your deep bikini area permanently smooth and hairless , look no further and choose laser hair removal with the best high-tech laser equipment, offered by our beauty salon "IconStyle" as it is much more effective and safer than photoepilation.

Today, laser hair removal is the most effective procedure that allows you to get a long-lasting effect in the most comfortable conditions. The main difference between laser hair removal and photoepilation is that photoepilation focuses an intense light beam directly on the skin, exposing it and blood vessels to the light beam, while laser targets precisely the hair follicle. If you are interested in the possibility of treating a deep bikini, then this option will be the safest, since the skin in this area is especially sensitive.

Half leg laser hair removal
There are so many ways to achieve smooth legs, from razors to epilators to special creams. Unfortunately, all these methods have their downsides . All of them require you to spend your time regularly, besides, they are all painful to some extent and may cause ingrown hairs, skin irritation and dryness . Such flaws bring discomfort and spoil the overall appearance. So you may be wondering: is there a procedure to help you find a solution to the problem?

The answer of the specialists of our beauty salon "IconStyle" is unanimous and unequivocal: "Yes, there is a solution to this problem!" ever since revolutionary lasers with Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR) have appeared in our "IconStyle" beauty centre.

We can prove that laser hair removal can be absolutely painless, last only a few minutes achieving a really lasting effect, and finally, get rid of leg hair forever.

When you wish to achieve the smoothness second to none, choose laser hair removal with Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR).

The skin in the bikini area is very delicate and sensitive. Having tried myriad methods to remove hair in this area, more and more women are getting to the Brazilian laser therapy option, being in love with the idea of not having to worry about bikini bumps and ingrown hair any more.

There are several ways of removing hair in the pubic region. Classic and Brazilian bikini involve incomplete hair removal, leaving a small strip of pubic hair.

Hollywood bikini (or a full Brazilian) gets rid of all of your pubic hair, leaving the skin flawless and smooth. Hollywood laser therapy is a perfect choice for women who are fond of wearing beautiful delicate underwear. It is also found very useful before the planned holiday and right before the start of a beach season, when it is especially vital to insure that no unwanted hair is seen from under the swimsuit.

Laser hair removal is not painful. Most patients do not feel any discomfort, at most there is a sensation of a light heat on the skin in the treated area. Laser hair removal procedure in our beauty salon "iconstyle" is considered at present to be the most effective and safe, allowing patient to get a desirable long—lasting effect in the most comfortable conditions.

Estheticians and dermatologists focus their attention on the choice of hair removal products available on the market. Arm skin tends to be far thinner and more sensitive than in other body areas, containing high amount of melanin-producing cells. Hair lightening products may cause the appearance of darker patches on the skin (hyperpigmentation) on your arms. Shaving your arm hair is a no-no as this temporary solution leads to the regrowth of yet rougher, stiffer and darker hair. Such regrown hair wouldn't make your arms look attractive in the eyes of your loved one or business partner. Laser therapy has been considered by far the best solution by women of all ages, professions, and lifestyles. Our beauty salon "iconstyle" offers the most modern and state-of-the-art lasers with Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR). Laser sends the light pulses, acting on the skin, targeting the hair follicle, heating and destroying it. Or rather, what is destroyed is the melanin inside the follicle – the pigment that colors the hair. Surrounding tissues in the meantime are left unharmed, which makes laser therapy a completely safe procedure.

Advantages of arm laser hair removal are:

Effective result – after completing the course of treatments, up to 90% of unwanted hair is vanished for good.

Time efficiency – each treatment session takes only 10 minutes

Absence of side effects and allergies.

Noninvasiveness - the skin is not cut or damaged hence no scars are left afterwards.

Mild and tolerable pain sensation, if any.

Applicability - laser is suitable for women of any age. Absence of seasonal restrictions.

Easy preparation.

Hollywood bikini is a slightly different form of a Brazilian one. Unlike Brazilian bikini, which leaves behind a strip of hair, a Hollywood bikini all of the pubic hair is removed. Hollywood bikini is suitable for all women who want to have absolutely smooth and entirely bare skin.

It's particularly important to select for the treatment only a trusted and qualified dermatologist / esthetician. You may contact the qualified specialist in out beauty salon "iconstyle" who can guarantee you an excellent result.

Advantages of a Hollywood laser hair removal:

Absence of pain. Thanks to immediate cooling of the treated skin, you may feel only a slight tingling, however not an unpleasant sensation.

Time saving. It takes a couple of minutes to cover 10 cm2 of a body skin! Even in the busy schedule, you will find a slot of time for this procedure.

It's safe. No burns or skin injuries.

Stable and desirable result. Laser therapy not only removes hair, but prevents its regrowth.

So you may forget about the pesky hair for a few years!

Going through a regular course of treatments, hair follicles are getting gradually destroyed, preventing future hair regrowth, the pores tighten back and the skin surface evens. The skin gets to smooth and clean state with minimal efforts !

Women's arms are always in sight, so they should be very well-groomed, beautiful and gentle. There's a lot of shame and discomfort involved for a woman when it comes to having body imperfections, including hairy arms. Besides, men are naturally attracted to a woman with smooth and well-groomed hands. An excessive amount of hair does not add to the attractiveness of even the most beautiful woman.

Tackling arm hair is quite difficult. It is not reccommended to shave forearms, as it makes hair grow back thicker and darker. In addition, shaving solves the problem only for a very temporary period of time. With time, the amount of hair increases, since shaving "wakes up" the sleeping hair follicles. Going smooth and hairless by means of tweezing, waxing or using electrical epilator - effective methods, but they are all painful, cannot offer permanent or long-lasting result and may cause skin irritation.

A truly effective and convenient way to cope with the problem is laser hair removal. Compared to the methods described above, laser hair removal has a number of advantages. First of all, laser therapy is really effective: after a course of treatments, your arms will become smooth for good. Laser hair removal is entirely painless; it is guaranteed to give an excellent result and helps to cope with such a serious problem as ingrown hair. Considerable amount of hair (up to a third of the total) , being in a growth cycle, will fall out just after the first procedure. Having completed the course of a number of sessions, you will forget about the hairy arms forever. If you are still in doubt, sign up for your first treatment in our beauty salon "iconstyle" right now – and after several sessions you will get rid of your unwanted hair for good!

Advantages of laser hair removal:

Hair removal by means of a high-tech laser technology allows you to effectively and reliably remove hair even on lighter skin tone of the forearms;

As it concerns hair removal, forearms are considered to be a very "grateful" part of the body: to achieve the desired result, it is required fewer sessions than for any other body part.

One laser light is able to target several hair follicles simultaneously.

Forearm laser hair removal is harmless. It can be performed in summer time, subject to use of a sunscreen with a high protection level.

Leg laser hair removal is a commonly popular procedure in beauty salons all over, since female legs generally tend to attract much of attention. This is why this part of a female body should be kept in a well-groomed state.

Modern beauty industry offers a wide range of techniques and products to tackle unwanted or excessive hair growth, however regular waxing, trimming and shaving with razors may bring only a short-term solution, in addition causing skin irritation. Laser hair removal on legs is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair for life. Our beauty salon "iconstyle" offers leg laser hair removal using state-of-the-art lasers with Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR), which is by far the most effective laser type to obtain permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal on legs has many advantages compared to other methods:

Already after the first treatment such a problem as ingrown hair will disappear;

Removing hair on legs is a relatively painless experience (it depends on individual pain threshold), but, if necessary, provider use a topical anesthetic before the start of the session to reduce unpleasant sensation;

This hair removal method is suitable even for people with allergies, it doe not cause skin peeling or irritation;

Laser is capable of removing even thick and coarse leg hair for good!

Underarm laser hair removal is the most commonly done cosmetic procedure by women all over the world. Modern day standards of hygiene and aesthetics do not allow hair in this body area, hence women are so eager to remove inconvenient underarm hair by any means. The most affordable method is shaving the armpits.

However, it is also the one with many downsides. Firstly, it causes skin irritation. Secondly, careless shaving can lead to nicks and cuts, which are especially unpleasant and sore in a sensitive area like underarm. And finally, the most important flaw is that regrowth happens quickly and on the second or third day another shaving is required. It may also happen that at the right moment no shaving accessory would be found at hand, to a big frustration as the armpits should be always kept in a perfect state.

This is why underarm laser therapy is the only option that allows woman to maintain the body in well-groomed condition at all times. With a laser therapy you achieve permanent hair removal, transforming your armpits to smooth underarms in no time, which will significantly increase the comfort of your life. Just imagine that you do not need to return to your old shaving routine or take in hand a depilatory cream again ! Beauty salon "iconstyle" offers lasering off underarm hair using the equipment, recognized as the best high-tech lasers with Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR).

Advantages of using underarm laser therapy are:

Careful approach to the skin being treated;

Ingrown hair removal;

Laser therapy is suitable for everyone, even for people with allergies and sensitive skin;

Laser hair removal helps to achieve excellent and desirable result by removing unwanted hair for life!

It is becoming more and more popular amongst women nowadays to remove chest hair by laser. Contemporary and conventional trends of beauty include, amongst others, the absence of unwanted hair. During the last century, excessive hair growth was fought with standard techniques, such as shaving machines, trimmers or tweezers for plucking hair. But the overall effect of such not quite sparing practices was only temporary (hair continued growing again and again) and painful (caused redness and irritation of the skin). Conservative approach to removing unwanted body hair has been finally replaced by a modern high-tech laser technology of safe and effective hair removal.

Why is it necessary to remove chest hair with a laser?

Embarrassing discomfort, associated with excess hair in the chest area, is typical for women as well as men. However, generally if it may be acceptable by the society for a man to have hair on his chest, for women it would be an absolute no-no. As a result of significant hormonal change in a woman's body, unwanted hair may appear in the cleavage or around the nipples. Such an unattractive view may cause woman feel a reduced libido, as well as the loss of self-esteem and self-confidence.

In our beauty salon "iconstyle» chest laser hair removal is carried out by modern state-of-the-art lasers with Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR), which have received numerous positive reviews from both, patients and practitioners, for the outstanding quality and the excellent treatment results.

It is no secret that excessive body hair often causes inconvenience and discomfort, especially if it grows in an unconventional body area. Even having a perfect body shape, not every woman would choose to wear a bikini or an open top having an embarrassingly hairy tummy. Abdomen laser therapy would bring an end to this problem once and for all.

This method is easily accessible and cheap, however it has several disadvantages: frequent shaving to maintain smooth and hairless skin lead to largely increased amount of hair, as well as its thickness, due to the fact that shaving inevitably stimulates the hair growth.

Plucking and tweezing hair is quite painful and takes lots of time. One may choose waxing or using an electric epilator, but these methods are also quite painful, and most importantly, do not lead to a long-lasting result. Lastly, there is another method - removing abdomen hair by a special depilatory cream. Depilatory creams remove unwanted hair for up to several weeks, however this method has its downside: chemicals in depilatories are often toxic and may cause sensitive skin go red or irritated, peel or itch.

If you are not ready to stand a chance of any of the negative effects mentioned above, choose an alternative method – laser hair removal.

The advantage of this method over all others is that the laser damages hair follicles, preventing future hair regrowth. Moreover, hair that was at the growth cycle will fall out already during the first procedure. Laser therapy has yet another advantage: remaining hair will become weaker, thinner, and will grow much slower. In beauty salon "iconstyle" you would need just several hair removal sessions to prevent hair from growing forever!

Issues that laser may successfully overcome:

Ingrown hair;

Skin irritation;

Dark body hair.

A clean and smooth body skin is a desirable target for any women all over the world, who are leading a long-standing unrelenting fight against unwanted hair. There are myriad methods and techniques when it comes to hair removal: from shaving to sugaring, from tweezing to waxing and the list may go on. Unfortunately, most techniques and their products cannot guarantee permanently effective hair removal results, therefore one is to go through repeated sessions, wasting precious time, finances and nerves. In addition, there is a risk of appearing skin irritation, ingrown hair and stress from the frequent painful experience.

Our beauty salon "iconstyle" uses the most modern high-tech lasers with Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR) – a procedure that is equally effective in removing hair on any part of the female body, regardless of the hair color and structure.


quick and effective hair removal (the laser device settings are adjusted to every client's unique skin and hair characteristics);

absence of pain (laser has a cooling mechanism that is blasting cold air on a treated area);

skin rejuvenation (while laser is meant for hair removal, laser light also improves the skin structure);

the method is suitable for women of any age;

the result is long-lasting.