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Before knowing about a different type of piercings, you need to have a fair idea of what kind of piercings are out there. Piercings aren’t just reserved for ears as there are other parts of the body also which can present the piercings in an expressive way.

We can categorize piercing into 6 types based on the body part involved:

    • Ear piercings
    • Oral and facial piercings
    • Lip piercings
    • Surface piercings and dermal piercings
    • Naval piercings
    • Genital and Nipple piercings (men and women)
    • etc.

Steps to Get Yourself a Safe Piercing Experience

Now there is a thinking that everyone can wear jewellery on their body with the help of piercing. This is a misconception as anatomical features won’t allow some people to have results that they were hoping for! The study of anatomy will help the artist know, how well a client will heal after the procedure.

So, once you have finalized the body part for piercing, visit the artist to see if it’s actually feasible.

After you get the green light from the artist, you can set an appointment with him/her. Visit the shop on the date at the specified time to start the procedure. With us, you can always be sure of an experienced artist coupled with clean and sterilized equipment. The body part will be cleaned and disinfected before any kind of markings are made.

The actual piercing will commence after your skin is prepped with the proper skin care products. After ensuring that the equipment and the skin are contaminant free, the piercing will take place. It is done quickly so that you will experience very little or no pain. The ornament will be inserted as soon as the incision is made, and final sterilization is done.

That’s it, you now have your piercing and can customize it with your favourite jewellery.

Piercing Aftercare

Once you have your piercing, then comes the process of caring for it. This is a vital phase which you need to attribute proper importance to. You must note that it’s normal to have some bleeding or bruising after the piercing is done. The swelling may last one or two days.

  • Washing of your piercing must be done only with warm saline water. You must avoid using rubbing alcohol as it can undulate the healing process.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes as friction tends to cause or aggravate irritation.
  • Make sure that you clean the wound multiple times a day so that the secretions can be washed away without causing any infection.
  • There is another factor that influences the healing ability of a body – Sleep! Yes, you need to make sure that you sleep for a healthy number of hours to let your body repair itself.
  • Beauty products must not be applied on or around the piercing, the last thing that you need a fresh piercing is chemicals.
  • Some piercing may take longer to heal than others; the key here is patience.
  • Fragrance-free antimicrobial liquid soap can be used to clean the area. It is vital that you keep the area clean, do not forget it!

These are some significant points that you must keep in mind while you are under healing. As always, don’t try to be a doctor yourself and contact the artist if you feel that the healing isn’t going well.

Price for piercing from

£ 15
  • Ear Lobe (Single) - £15
  • Ear Lobes (Pair) - £25
  • Ear Cartilage (Tragus / Helix / Auricle) - £18
  • Ear Cartilage (Daith) - £20
  • Industrial / Scaffold - £25
  • Eyebrow - £20
  • Nose - £20
  • Septum - £30
  • Lip single/pair - £20/£35
  • Smiley - £25
  • Tongue - £25
  • Navel - £20
  • Nipple single/pair - £20/£40
  • Microdermal single/pair - £30/£55
  • Surface - £20
  • Skin Diver single/pair - £25/£45


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