Lips tattoo – appeal without makeup

Lip tattoo (permanent makeup) – one of the most popular types of correction. It provides the perfect contour of the lips, bright hue without using lipstick and contour pen, and can eliminate some shortcomings. With the help of pigments qualified tattoo technician in Reading can visually adjust the shape, size – for example, create the effect of plump lips (lip augmentation effect), improve or change the color – pink, natural, cherry – and for a long time.

The effect of the lip contour permanent makeup is kept up to several years, with the gloss or lipstick will not spread, firmly restrain with permanent circuit. So brief cosmetic procedure ensures that in life and on photos your lips will look appetizing, clean and elegant.

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Bright autumn, luscious lips

In fact, in the heart of the tattoo is a task to create the perfect image, in which your lips will look gorgeous at any time, even without makeup, which is often blurred, spreads, brings certain inconveniences. By the way, if you do not want to abandon the lipstick or gloss – they can be actively used over applied tattoo.

To each woman received the look, which wanted to, there are several techniques of permanent makeup application.

Lip contour tattoo. This technique of the makeup is in the applying pigment (natural or contrast) directly on the contour of the lips. At the initial stage, the master gets a clear line – along the natural contour or adjusted, in which the procedure will be carried out. This kind of tattoo is very popular in Reading and is performed in order to obtain a visually correctly outlined mouth.

Contour with shading. As in the previous technique, it focused on drawing the contour of the lips. At the same time the filling pigment is carried out both on the contour line, and next to it. As a result of the procedure, the woman receives a clearly defined lips with a smooth transition color – from the contour to the middle. This kind of permanent makeup allows you to get the most natural and healthy looking lips.

3D effect lip tattoo. It is quite a complicated procedure, in which several colors are used simultaneously. During it, coloring pigments are injected step by step, and to achieve the effect even use needles of various diameters. Permanent 3D effect makeup technique – lengthy procedure, and as a rule it is stretched on several visits. But by 2-3 visits to the master woman get attractive plump lips.

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To create an image of the femme fatale, your look can be supplement with an interesting zest, made in the technique of Spanish fly (or beauty spot). This way you make an expressive face look, recognizable among many. This technique, photo of which you can see on the website, also keeps effect for several years.

If you decide to make lips tattoo in Reading, it is important to pay attention to aspects such as price, qualification of master, customers reviews. For procedure of applying of permanent makeup and the healing process went smoothly and without complications, in the course of preliminary consultations pay attention to such information as the preparation and post procedural care.

A self-respecting master will necessarily tell you, how many days heals the surface of the lips after tattooing, how to avoid such troubles as herpes after lips tattoo (prevention with Acyclovir, Zovirax), what kind of daily care is needed.

Permanent makeup lips prices:

Semi-Permanent Lip countur – £150
Contour definer & blush shading – £300
Full lip tint effect – £300

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