Permanent make-up tattoo correction: why and when it’s needed to be done

Tattoo correction for eyebrows and lips is usually performed a month after the main procedure.
It’s needed to be done not only to fill the gaps and correct any inaccuracies, but also because of the individual reactions of each person to the injected pigment: there are common cases when skin just pushes out the paint, forming unaesthetic bright spots that visually breaks the effect of the make-up or just makes an intermittent outline.

When should eyebrows tattoo correction be done?

Eyebrows tattoo correction should be done timely because then the colour will be more natural and even. As a rule, after complete healing, which incidentally rarely passes evenly, some parts of the design are slightly different in colour. During the correction, lighter areas are darkened which achieves the effect of visual evenness. Also, eyebrow correction after tattooing allows to specify or change the contour and in some cases – to slightly increase the size, for example to make eyebrows longer by depicting ends.

How often do lips tattoo corrections need to be done?

Even the highest quality tattoo often requires correction. This procedure is recommended to be carried out not earlier than 28 days after the tattoo. Usually, the skin undergoes a full renovation cycle during this time, so it’s clear to see all the possible defects of pigment application and it’s possible to decide whether correction is needed. Even if the tattooist believes that the line and tone of lips are close to ideal, but you are not happy with the result, – just know that as soon as the scabs fall off and the skin is restored, you can correct the tattoo, at a reasonable cost. With this procedure you can eliminate practically any flaw of the tattoo. Any unevenness of the contour line can be aligned with pigment, the tone of which is selected accordingly to individual skin colour. The desired brightness is achieved with using darker or lighter shades of paint. Even so-called «blue lips», that could become a «gift» from an unskilled tattooist, can be fixed with tattoo correction.

Can we just manage without correction?

If a client is totally happy with their image after the first procedure, it’s possible to manage without any correction. It should be noted however, that a single application of the tattoo without further correction is a rather rare phenomenon, because the initial effect depends not only on the quality of the equipment and professionalism of the tattooist, but also on the skin condition, its type, density, immunity, and many other of the customer’s individual characteristics. In addition, some tattooists do not even notify the client of the need for and the benefits of correction, assuming that this is well known. In such cases, a client can lose an opportunity to perfect their tattoo and feel disappointed in the results. A permanent make-up tattoo should always be examined and rectified if need be by a professional.

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