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How to care for your new tattoo

Tattoos aren’t just a little artwork on your skin; they are also an expression and a personal style statement. Many people get tattoos just to make a statement. But whatever the case may be, you need to understand that the procedure involves injecting ink into the top layer of your skin using a needle.

After the tattooing is done, the procedure leaves a dermal wound on the skin. Without proper care, the wound is vulnerable to outside infections. You need to take good care of the tattoo to ensure that you don’t suffer any infections that can permanently disfigure the tattoo.

Here are some useful tips for you to ensure that the tattooed spot remains clean and free from infections.

Keep The Band-Aid On!

When you come back from the tattoo artist, you will have Band-Aid over your tattoo. Some people try to remove the Band-Aid as soon as they reach back home. This is a mistake! You are then paving the way for the area to be susceptible to infections. You will be told by the artist as to when to remove the Band-Aid, till then do not tamper with it.

Do Not Rub On Your Tattoo

Once you remove the Band-Aid, you can proceed to clean the area. But after you wash the area (with warm water of course) then you need to dry the tattoo. Do not rub the area with a cloth towel, instead pat down on the tattoo.
Moisturizing Helps

After you have cleaned the tattoo, it’s time to put some lotion on it. You must be very careful with this step as you just can’t pour the lotion over it. Apply it in such a way that only a very thin layer is formed over your tattoo.

Never Apply Sunscreen Directly Over Them

Now, this may seem like a surprise to everyone, but it is a common mistake that everybody commits. Yes, you should not expose the tattoo under direct sunlight until it heals, but till then, you should let the skin breathe. Having a layer of sunscreen over it is equal to suffocating it.

Wash At Least Twice Daily

You need to wash your tattoo at least twice a day in the lukewarm water. Using a neutral soap will also help keep the area clean.

Do Not Panic When You See the Ink Running off to the Sink

Since you start washing the tattoo, you will see some ink washing off into the sink. This is the excess ink rejected by the skin. Do not panic at this stage as it will happen for the next two days

No Tight Clothes

After getting a tattoo, it’s best if you wear loose fitting clothes that do not exert too much pressure over the area. It is vital that you let the area breathe.

Avoid That Sun

For the first few days, you need to keep the tattoo in the shade. Do not expose the skin to direct sunlight as it will cause inflammation and can lead to the dullness of the whole tattoo.

Ask For Professional Care If Needed

If you feel like the healing process is not going well or if you catch any infection, contact the tattoo artist to see what it’s about. If you feel abnormal pain on the tattoo even after days, then seek the help of a medical professional. Allergic reactions can lead to skin irritations that are best left to the doctors for evaluation.
If you have got a tattoo recently, follow these tips to ensure proper healing without any complications!

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