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Bright, well-defined eyes – on the photo, in the pool, in the nature, on a morning jog. This is a dream of every woman The desire to look your best, and at any time of the day, was the reason that a growing number of women in recent years think about getting an eyeliner tattoo on the eyelids.

In addition to an attractive, visually well-groomed face, drawing of the eye contour has a number of other advantages. Firstly, the qualitatively done eyelids tattoo – clear eyeliner or with shading, significantly save the time that women spend every day on makeup- daytime, business or evening. Secondly, the price of eyelids tattoo in Dnepropetrovsk often don`t exceeds the cost of a makeup set needed to create the effect of attractive eyes.

As with any other cosmetic procedure, eyelids tattoo raises a number of questions from potential clients: how the procedure of pigment applying is going, would it hurt, what are the eyelids tattoo techniques, what are the particular qualities of healing phase, what the side effects and the consequences can be.

If you decide to make a tattoo for the first time, the main thing you need to do is, of course, find a qualified master of permanent makeup. As a rule, a proven options – go by the recommendations of friends, who have done this procedure and objectively satisfied with result. If you cant find such experience among your friends, you can find a specialist on website or in beauty salon, examine the information, see the portfolio, view reviews, agree on prior consultation. It will not hurt to find out the main points of the procedure on your own.

Preparation and eyelids tattoo application

The most important thing – to take seriously the procedure. On the eve of a visit to the master you need to abstain from alcohol and high allergenic food, two hours before tattooing – from coffee. Before this procedure you can’t take antibiotics, anesthetics, and expose yourself to severe physical stress. Ignoring this rules could negatively impact on the process of makeup applying and on the result. In general, you need to go to the beautician totally in the presence of well-being and a positive attitude.

At the preparatory stage, master will draw preliminary «sketch» on your face and then you together can decide how best to emphasize the eyes, choose the color, the size and thickness of the lines. Thereafter, the pigment is selected, which will be applied under your skin. For permanent makeup, as a rule, used mineral or vegetable-based colorants, about qualities and benefits of which master will tell you. To reduce pain, before applying performed anesthesia using local anesthetic, and the then during procedure it will be applied again. That is why eyelids tattoo is usually a painless procedure. Then the selected pigment master will put in special tattoo machine, stocked with sterile needles.

Eyelids tattoo can be of several types.

The most common is:

Dipliner tattoo. With this applications of pigment master fills only the space between each of eyelashes. This technique create effect of thick lashes, very subtly and naturally emphasizes the depth of a female eyes. In the future, this type of permanent makeup does not limit the possibility to create any image, including the use of decorative cosmetics.

Eyeliner tattoo. This technology allows you to visually adjust the shape of the eye. Outwardly, it looks as if on the eyelid perfectly applied eyeliner. However, you are not limited in the choice of length, shape or color of liner.

This kind of tattoo is the most popular and can get rid of the daily routine with the application of various kind of eye makeup – shadows, eyeliner, pencil on eyelids.

There are several common types of eyeliner tattoo:

  • Classical eyeliner
  • Eyeliner with shading, which can be made in various colors, which can be picked up by eye color.

A very important recommendation for eyelids tattoo is seasonal allergies and sensitivity to cosmetics.

Eyeliner tattoo allow you to look at such moments well-groomed and bright, and not feel insecure due to the lack of makeup!

Eyelids tattoo with shading. This technique is very similar to the previous one, but here to the eyeliner added especially blurred outlines.

Feathering creates a soft shadow effect, so it is suitable even for women with a visually «heavy» eyelids.

Prices for permanent makeup eyeliner

Eyeliner top and bottom £300

Eyeliner top and bottom -£300

Eyeliner top or bottom – £300

Eyelash enhancement (Discreet eyelash definer) upper or lower – £300

Eyelash enhancement (Discreet eyelash definer) upper & lower – £300

Eyeliner latino style top – £300

Eyeliner latino style top & bottom – £300

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