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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows: types, technique of application, features

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It is realistic to have beautiful well-groomed eyebrows. Even if nature has not endowed you with the ideal shape and density of eyebrows, absolutely every woman can achieve a perfect look. An eyebrow tattooist can help you with this.
This procedure is performed by a qualified technician and guarantees a long-term effect which gives an opportunity to have perfect eyebrows every day without spending any money on expensive cosmetics.

In order for you to get a complete picture of how an eyebrow tattoo procedure works, how cost effective it can be, how long the colour and shape lasts, what care is needed after the procedure, the difference between eyebrows microblading and the hair stroke or shading technique – I will give you a preliminary consultation. In this course, you can get detailed information on how eyebrow tattoos are performed, look at before and after photos and ask questions about the popular techniques.

The techniques of eyebrows permanent makeup

Eyebrows microblading. In fact, this is only a competent professional name of tattooing. In this case we are talking about modern techniques of beautiful, very natural, sometimes even airy eyebrow tattoos; which is performed with a superficial insertion of pigments into the upper layers of the skin. This allows to create the impression of natural make-up and even get the effect of eyeshadows.

Hair Stroke Technique. This is a very meticulous and delicate work, during which the tattoo artist, in the full sense of the word draws small strokes in the eyebrow area. It manages to create the effect of separated hairs, which are formed in a perfect curve. As a result, we get an excellent filling of eyebrows with the shape and colour totally natural. This technique gets its name based on the performance characteristics of the tattoo.
Photo album with pictures before and after application of «Hair Stroke Technique».

Powdered Eyebrows Technique. This technique consists of putting paint on a particular contour or over the entire surface of the brow arch. During this, pigment falls evenly and more gently, and as a result we achieve the effect of pencil contour shading. Through this technique we can adjust the shape, colour and density – at each client’s request. At the preliminary consultation, the tattoo artist will tell you what are the benefits of using this technique, show before and after photos of the results and advise you how to care for the skin after the procedure and for how long the effect lasts.

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Eyebrow tattoos treatments in Woking

The main components of a successful procedure are using the highest quality materials in the hands of a highly qualified artist. As a medical necessity, before the procedure, you will be asked about the state of your health. We will discuss your wishes regarding form, colour and choice of technique. When we determine the ideal option, we will begin work. Anesthesia of the working zone will take place in several stages, thus any pain sensations will be minimised.

I only work with German made pigments of the highest quality, and as the quality of the pigment affects the results, you will have a perfect long lasting image.

There are important aftercare recommendations that must be strictly followed to achieve the desired result.
Quality certificate of pigments for eyebrows tattoo.

Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows prices:

Monthly offer – 50% discount!

Microblading – £150.
Hair stroke brows – £150.
Powder brows – £150.
Pixel spraing brows – £150.
Combo – £300.

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  • 07/24/2015 at 1:13 pm

    Good afternoon Marina!
    I want tattooed eyebrows, but I am concerned about one issue. Can I get tattoos during pregnancy or better to wait?

  • 06/01/2017 at 11:18 pm

    I am interested in having my eye brows tattooed as I haven’t got any now.

    • 06/06/2017 at 11:02 am

      Good afternoon Mrs Cynthia FieD!
      If you are not happy with the thickness of your eyebrows and would like a more natural look, I would recommend a hairstroke technique. You can see the examples of my work at the following link https://iconstyle.co.uk/hair-stroke-eyebrow-tattoo/.
      For more detailed advice you can leave your phone number and I will contact you.

  • 03/18/2018 at 8:00 pm

    Marina is great! Excellent service and left my eyebrows looking wonderful. Definitely recommend. Book now!

  • 11/13/2018 at 2:44 pm

    Marina was very professional with a good eye for attention to detail. I have already recommended her to my colleague and will go back again for when I next need to get my eyebrows and lips re-done. Well worth a visit & good price. I am very satisfied with end result – very happy customer


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