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Laser carbon peel

What results to expect after carbon peeling

After the course of carbon peeling procedures, beauticians promise the effect of a "porcelain doll" – smooth, radiant skin. Due to the effect of the laser on the deep layers of the skin, the process of production of natural collagen is activated, the skin complexion improves, and the number of wrinkles decreases.
What is laser carbon peeling?

Carbon peeling is a cosmetic procedure for rejuvenation and deep cleansing of the skin using a laser and a nano-gel based on carbon dioxide. This procedure is often called "carbon facial cleansing" because of the deep cleansing of the pores and the recommendation for use by patients with acne (although not in the severe stage). In addition, under the laser effect, the production of natural collagen in the epidermis is stimulated, which helps the skin acquire elasticity.
The main advantage of carbon facial peeling

The main advantage of carbon facial peeling is a quick recovery after the procedure. It refers to the gentle effect on the skin. Compared to other peels, carbon peels have very few contraindications and side effects, no pain and the possibility of carrying out the procedure all year round.
Features of the procedure

To carry out carbon peeling, the cosmetologist applies a nanogel and, after it dries completely, begins applying the laser on the skin. Then a soothing mask is applied. The whole procedure takes 45-60 minutes. Usually, to achieve the best effect, it is recommended to do 4-5 procedures with intervals of 1-2 weeks. The cosmetologist will be able to accurately determine the number of treatments needed after assessing the condition of the skin and the desired effect after peeling.


What is carbon peeling for? It is recommended for the following skin problems:

1. the first signs of ageing;

2. traces and scars after acne;

3. excessively oily skin ;

4. dull complexion;

5. pigmentation;

6. rosacea;

7. comedones.