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Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup: everything you need to know about the procedure.
We will not tell you whether to get permanent makeup or not – this is a matter of taste. But, if you decide on a procedure, you should know everything you can about it. This is where we can help you.
Permanent makeup lips, also known as lip tattoo, is something that causes a lot of controversy among makeup artists and cosmetologists, and many women in general. There are no people who would not have an opinion on this subject. Here either you like it, or you raise your eyebrows in terror.
Seriously, how many horrors have you heard about permanent lip makeup? And how many scary photos with the results of lip tattoo before and after have you seen online? All that discourages even the slightest desire to try lip tattoo. Nevertheless, there are decent types of lip tattooing that look quite natural and fulfil their main function – they correct the imperfections of the anatomical shape of the lips.
What is permanent lip makeup?
Lip tattooing, or permanent makeup, is the application of natural dyes under the upper layer of the epidermis using a special device with a very thin needle. It is the use of natural colour dyes free from preservatives, artificial flavours and other additives, that reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions to zero.
Now, depending on the salon, you can choose almost any shade for tattooing – from nude to red, pink and brown. Masters recommend choosing a shade to match the tone of the lips, mixing several dyes at once so that the lips look as natural as possible.
Types of permanent lip makeup
Lip contour with blending
This is the simplest and most popular type of permanent lip makeup. But it is the most time-consuming and laborious one as well. It used to be popular to get permanent lip makeup with the creation of only a contour that looked like lips drawn with a pencil. But such makeup in the style of the 90s is no longer trending, so now the masters make a smooth shading of the contour. The outline can be very thin or thick. It all depends on the wishes of the client. This look looks very natural, only adding some volume to the lips.
Lip blush
Such semi permanent makeup lips is used to give the lips as much volume as possible while maintaining their natural shade. In fact, the dye is matched precisely and is applied along the contour and a little lower. It is like a symbiosis of full filling with contour feathering. The corners of the lips are completely treated with pigment, and closer to the centre, the shading becomes less noticeable. There will be a light tone as possible, creating an ombre effect. This style resembles Marilyn Monroe's lip makeup.
Full colour
You can also make a full lip tattoo. In this case, the colour is completely applied over the lips. This is the most popular permanent makeup option, and many women choose it for a number of reasons. First, it can correct the asymmetry. Secondly, the lips will be more voluminous. Thirdly, if you choose the shade correctly, the permanent makeup can be barely visible, and the lips will look very natural.