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Types of eyelid (eye) tattoo

First, when permanent eye makeup became popular, it used to be performed in two techniques: the traditional eyeliner and the lash-enhancement technique. Today we have another technique – eyeliner with subtle shading. The very principle of performing the procedure has also changed. Special pigments are used for permanent make-up, and the pigment itself is injected into the upper layers of the skin. Previously, artists used paint, and the paint was injected deeply, which influenced the duration of the effect and its appearance: the tattoo could remain for the rest of the life, eventually changing colour from black to grey, blue and other shades.
Permanent eye makeup: eyeliner and lash enhancement. Pros and cons.

The eyeliner is one of the most popular types of eye makeup, as it suits any style, whether it is every-day or evening makeup. Every woman who finishes her look with an eyeliner knows how difficult it is sometimes to apply eyeliner evenly on both eyes. At the same time, during the day you have to look in the mirror, touch-up and worry about your makeup not smudging or rubbing off. Permanent eye makeup eliminates the need to constantly monitor and enhance your makeup. This is a great alternative for those who love eyeliner and draw them every day with a pencil or liquid liners. In this article, we will cover this type of permanent makeup in detail and discuss what techniques there are, what features they have, how to prepare and how to take care of the tattoo so that it heals quickly and without consequences.
What is permanent makeup eyelids?

From a technical point of view and the way the procedure is performed, permanent makeup eyelid is a standard way of applying pigment into the upper layers of the skin. It is injected tightly in the form of black eyeliner. The black colour of the pigment is considered traditional, as it is more noticeable and the effect lasts longer, but the colour can be any by client's request: from dark brown to bright and saturated colour.

The eyeliner shape can have different length and width. Its selection is based not only on the preferences of the client but also on the experience of the artists. The artist always listens to the wishes of the client but also chooses the eyeliner shape based on the eye, face and nose shape, and even the length and colour of the eyelashes. The optimal technique is also chosen so that the result of the tattoo would harmoniously fit the look and emphasize it.
Who is this procedure suitable for?

The procedure has no age restrictions (except for those who have not reached the age of majority). Permanent eye makeup looks stunning on any eyes and can perfectly emphasize them, both for young ladies and for older women. The main secret is to choose the right technique and eyeliner shape.

Permanent eyelid makeup is an ideal option for those who love eyeliner look since the effect permanent makeup lasts the longest in the eyelid zone: that is starting from 2 years and depending on the characteristics and age of the skin, it can reach up to 10 years. Therefore, the need for the use of decorative cosmetics is eliminated for a long time. It is simply not needed since the eyeliner always remains of the correct shape and colour and does not require additional drawing or saturation with colour.

«Benefits of permanent eye makeup

This procedure has many great advantages:

• The eyeliner looks neat and beautiful. It makes the eyes stand out, makes the eyelashes visually darker and thicker, adds charm to any type of makeup due to the emphasis on the eyes;

• The effect of tattooing allows you to correct the shape of the eye. Thanks to the correctly selected eyeliner shape, its length and thickness, you can visually change the shape of the eyes. A beautiful eyeliner will make round eyes look more elongated, and eyeliner shaped eyes look more round;

• Hides small expression and age wrinkles, which often appear on the eyelids in the form of small folds. Also, permanent eyeliner will hide any congenital or acquired defects in the area of the lash line and its immediate vicinity;

• An excellent option for those who suffer from poor eyesight, since it might be difficult for some to draw beautiful eyeliner. Permanent makeup can be done for women who wear glasses or lenses and it is safe for your eyesight;

• Permanent eye makeup saves energy and nerves. After completing the procedure, you might not even need to apply mascara every morning, it saves you time in the morning, especially when in a hurry. No need to try to get the eyeliner even on both sides, which can rarely be done after the first try;

• Long-lasting effect on the eyes will save money on buying eyeliner products, which always run out, dry out and at the same time do not give 100% durability during the day, unlike tattooing;

• There are no restrictions on your favourite activities with tattooing. With permanent eye makeup, you can swim, sunbathe and always look spectacular. The eyeliner will not fade under any circumstances, you do not need to worry about it.