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Semi permanent makeup eyebrows

Permanent makeup eyebrows: everything you need to know about the treatment
Perfect eyebrows are perhaps the most important feature of the beauty of every woman because eyebrows can transform your face for both the better or the worse. Today we would like to share with you about semi permanent makeup eyebrows and introduce all its features.
Today, permanent eyebrow makeup is a truly artistic procedure and hence the brow artist must have not only experience and skills but also excellent taste. If a brow specialist does their job perfectly, as a result, you can expect to get a soft and natural look with the effects of permanent makeup being unnoticeable – something modern women are so afraid of.
There are three most common eyebrow tattooing techniques: powder (ombre), hairstrokesand mixed.
Powder technique
Powdered eyebrows is a microshading technique that creates the effect of eyebrows tinted with a pencil or powder products. The colour may vary from less noticeable to denser upon client's preference. A powdered eyebrow tattoo is performed using a permanent makeup machine, which allows artists to make a variety of transitions in shading.
With the help of such art techniques as shading and partial shading, the desired shape and volume can be achieved. At the moment, the natural look is trending, so you should not get carried away with clear lines and angles, and the colour gradient of eyebrows should transition from light to dark tones.
Among the advantages of the powder technique are the following:
• the effect lasts from 7 months to 2 years, depending on the type of skin;
• this technique is suitable for any type of skin;
• minimal trauma to the skin;
• lack of pain without blood and swelling;
• the most natural look;
In the process of healing, the colour loss is minimal, and the recovery period itself is short and practically not accompanied by discomfort.
Mixed technique
This type of tattooing combines powder and microblading techniques, which allows you to first draw the hairs, and then shade them. Over time, the hairs will not look so clear and the colour will start to fade . This technique takes longer and requires a higher level of skill, therefore it is more expensive than the previous two.
How is the procedure going?
During the permanent makeup procedure, the client and the artist first agree on the shape, technique and shade of the eyebrows, which should be selected as close to natural as possible. Then a so-called model is created on the skin, according to which the artist will apply permanent lines.
After that, the tattoo artist with the help of a machine introduces a colouring composition. The procedure itself in 95% of cases is carried out without pain or swelling, and it should be planned a week before or a week after period. At the end of the permanent makeup application, the skin around the eyebrows turns a little red, but over time it goes away and a thin crust forms at the puncture site. The complete recovery process after permanent makeup takes about a week or two. After a month after the procedure, the process of skin regeneration ends – it is completely renewed and finally, the correct shade of pigment appears.