Semi-permanent makeup eyeliner

This is a speciality service of IconStyle and please do not be put off by the word tattoo as it is a tattoo treatment.

We will implant colour into your skin with a tiny needle to only cover the top layers of your skin to produce a look that will stay with you for two to five years. Semi-permanent eyeliner isn’t going to wash off with the rest of your makeup at night.


What you need to know about semi-permanent makeup eyeliner

Does All Permanent Eyeliner Look the Same?

There are many different techniques, tools, and digital tips depending on the desired look or the expert technician. 


The tattoo eyeliner colour is customised to your preference, and IconStyle will work with you to determine what shape and look you’re going for.


IconStyle’s expertise and colour knowledge will make sure you have the correct blend on for your skin tone and understand which molecules take longer to fade.

Does Tattooed Eyeliner Cause Pain?

Tattooed eyeliner doesn’t cause as much pain as a regular tattoo as it is not going through all of the layers of skin.

There is no bleeding and no swelling, afterward, a thin coat of eye ointment is applied to the area and then you can get on with your day. Though Aftercare is important and you should not expose the area to water for about a week, and that eye makeup should be avoided or kept to a minimum. 

How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?  

Permanent makeup, including tattooed eyeliner, looks at its best for a period of one year; it can last for up to two to three years before you require a top up. IconStyle will do everything we can to make sure your permanent eyeliner lasts.


What Are the Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner means that you avoid the rigmarole of applying so much make up every day, it is also a benefit to those in active work and sport as it is not affected by sweat.

It is also a benefit in warm conditions and climates.