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laser tattoo removal

IconStyle team has received high recognition in the field of tattoo removal of varying complexity, age and size. Our salon is filled with highly qualified professionals, worthy specialists in their field of expertise. We have chosen the laser method of tattoo removal as it has many advantages, the most important of which are:

• effective and high-quality removal of pigments of any colour and age;

• absolute safety;

• does not injure the skin;

• does not cause allergies;

• painlessness procedure;

• the most effective method of all applications.
After arriving at our salon, the client can expect detailed advice from a specialist. We select an individual approach to each client in order to fully achieve mutual understanding. The specialist will then provide recommendations that must be followed exactly before and after tattoo removal sessions. Also, during the consultation, the client can ask any questions they are interested in regarding the upcoming procedure, and our specialist will be happy to provide answers to all of them.
Number of sessions
When contacting our salon with a desire to remove a tattoo, clients wonder how many removal sessions are needed. During the consultation, the specialist will warn you that it is impossible to remove the tattoo from the skin in one session. The laser method is indeed the most effective tattoo removal method, however, for a high-quality result, several procedures are needed. The specialist will be able to tell you the exact number of sessions only after the first procedure since the following factors are taken into account:

• the structure of the dermis;

• pigment colour;

• age of the image;

• the scale of the tattoo to be removed;

• the influence of biological processes in the body;

• adherence to recommendations.

After the first pigment removal procedure, the image on the body will become much lighter, but after a while it may darken. Such a reaction occurs precisely because of biological processes in the human body. Each client is a special case, therefore, the number of sessions is different for each. Typically, complete removal of pigment from the skin occurs after 2 to 8 sessions.
Laser Tattoo removal