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Аnti-ageing treatments

The radiofrequency (RF) skin lifting method refers to the effect of a high-frequency electric field on the dermis and subcutaneous fat cells. A positive result can be seen almost after the first treatment as the stretched collagen fibres contract. Further, collagen production is stimulated in the reaction of tissues to the effects of heat, and active neocollagenesis is triggered.
While radiofrequency method affects the surface structures of the face, the ultrasound penetrates much deeper and affects the musculoaponeurotic system of the facial skin and dermis. This allows eliminating laxity of the skin and gravitational ptosis. Like RF therapy, ultrasound exposure causes tissue heating, which leads to densification and contraction of tissues, and activation of neocollagenesis.
First, the beautician works with the surface layer of the dermis using radiofrequencies. It activates thermocollagenesis, which contracts and shrinks the epidermal fibers, creating smoother skin and even skin texture, and reduces the size of the pores. The moderate heat from the radiofrequency allows reaching deeper skin levels in the second stage of the procedure which is ultrasonic lifting. The ultrasound reaches the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) depth of 4.5 mm, tightening the skin from the inside. Muscles contract to smooth out deeper wrinkles and tighten loose skin – results that previously could only be achieved through injection or surgery.
- No need for anaesthesia. This facelift is painless and does not cause discomfort.
- Non-surgical technology. This method of rejuvenation of the skin on the face and body does not violate the integrity of the skin and does not injure the epidermis, which excludes blood loss, the formation of scars, and also minimizes the risk of complications.
- Lack of a rehabilitation period.
- Lack of seasonal contraindications. This procedure can be done at any time of the year since the top layer of the skin is not affected and does not become more vulnerable to the effects of solar radiation or temperature.
- Efficiency. The course of such procedures allows you to make the skin elastic, smooth and fresh for up to one and a half years.
SCULPTURAL FACE LIFTING – a method of non-surgical facelift
Sculptural massage is a unique method of non-surgical lifting and rejuvenation, which consists of a thorough deep impact on the facial muscles and problem areas. If your goal is to restore elasticity, radiant colour and firmness of the skin, change the contour of the face, remove swelling of soft tissues, smooth out deep wrinkles and folds, then sculptural massage is certainly the ideal technique for solving the tasks. This procedure allows you to delay the intervention of plastic surgeons. The powerful lifting effect is visible after the first visit.
The sculptural massage is very effective. During the sculptural massage, a powerful lifting effect occurs, which allows you to tighten the skin, strengthen muscles, and smooth out wrinkles. An important feature of sculptural massage is that during the session, not only the skin is affected, but also the facial muscles are massaged.
From the point of view of plastic surgery, a sculpting facial massage helps to increase blood circulation in all layers of the dermis and facial muscles, which benefits skin colour and helps the penetration of healthy nutrients such as peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc., which are part of creams and serums used during the session. It is also a great treatment to have as part of your weekend routine.
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